3D Ant House water Feeder

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Welcome to the 3D Ant House water Feeder! Looking for the perfect abode for your little ants? This 3D house is it! Not only does it provide a cozy shelter but it also includes a water feeder, so your ants never get thirsty! A must-have for any ant colony!

Type: honeycomb structure
Size: 8.5 * 7 * 12cm
Material: Acrylic+gypsum

1. With advanced 3D printing technology, Ant Farm has a sense of technology and three-dimensional!
2. Honeycomb design, bionic design, restore the real inner structure of ant nest, more suitable for ant growth.
3. There is a water tower in the nest area, providing a strong moisturizing function.
4. An external water feeder can be installed to increase the daily water consumption of ants.
5. The installation hole of the external water feeder can be used as the channel opening for expanding the ant nest to facilitate the migration of ants.
6. The front and back of the nest are completely transparent, which is convenient to observe the living habits of ants!
7. The back of the F1 nest body is attached with a red sunshade, which is suitable for the living habits of ants!

Please note!
(1) Only F1 version can be installed with the red shading board, and we will give it with the nest!
(2) The F1 plus nest body is enlarged, and the expanded part of the nest body can be disassembled!
(3)Only the bottom of the nest is covered with plaster, and there is no plaster landscape in the feeding area.

Package includes:
1 set x ant farm

Only the ant farm has no ants. Due to personal measurement, the size may vary by 1-2 cm. Please pay attention when purchasing



 Shipping Info:
Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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