Camouflage Slingshot Laser bow

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Camouflage Slingshot Laser Hunting

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slingshot can be a serious weapon. Whether it’s the challenge of hunting with a primitive weapon, a survival situation or preparing for a survival situation, using a slingshot for hunting takes quite a bit of getting used to. We will provide you with several tips about range, accuracy and knowing your prey which will help you to be more successful when you hunt with a slingshot.

You can hang up your homemade wooden toy now! This Slingshot will prepare you for total domination. The top-notch competition slingshot with its brutal accuracy will help you to precisely hit even high-range targets without any struggle.

One word that the slingshot is trying to tell you: HEAVY DUTY! it features a dual spring design and a built-in magnet arm wrist brace to help you keep the slingshot stable while maintaining perfect precision and top potency.

Type: Bow
Bow Type: Crossbow
Use: Hunting
Material: Stainless steel alloy
Color: Camouflage


The whole body is made of stainless steel alloy, outer porcelain making, feel first class.
Laser core German imports, can be a substantial adjustment point of view, can be bright 5000 hours.
Spring with SUSPA: increase the range.
Detachable arrow b rush .
Wrist rest strong magnetic, can absorb steel balls.


Shooting projectile, up to 100 meters above the accuracy range of 20-30 meters.

Coupled with arrow brush archery, range about 40 meters, 40 meters within the penetration of strong.

Set A:1*Slingshot, 3*Rubber Banders, 1*Arrow Brush, 1*Laser

Set B:1*Slingshot, 3*Rubber Banders, 1*Arrow Brush, 1*Laser, 1*Flashlight

                               (not include the battery)

 Products must be assembled before use.

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