Creative Modern Wall Clock Home Decor living room

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Define the new era of wall clocks

The so-called inspiration is not to see a different world, but to understand the difference in the world. Things remain the same, but my perspective on understanding it is different. When I observe more, ask questions, and think, everything that remains unchanged will become a fountain of inspiration under my pen.

1.Size: L47X38CM
2.Color: Printed Colors Modern Wall Clock With DIY Stickers Numbers Home Decor
3.Material: RPET Acrylic Clock Wall Art for Living Room Art Poster Wall Decoration
4.Creative Modern Wall Decoration Painting Large Kitchen Decorative Clocks for Living Room Decor
5.Machine Core: Silent second-sweeping Machine core for Meisd Brand Clock Room Decoration
6.Service: Professional After-sales Service Team


Material&Clock Movement Show

-Quality Acrylic
-Silent/Quite For Home
-Time is Punctual

Easy To Install
No Holes/No Damage On The Wall

 Shipping Info:
- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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