Fishing print 5 piece canvas Wall Art

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Fishing print 5 piece canvas Wall Art


size 1: 20x35cm x2pcs, 20x45cm x2 pcs, 20x55cm x1pc

      (8x14x2, 8x18x2, 8x22inch)

size 2:30x50cm x2pcs, 30x70cm x2pcs, 30x80cm x1pc

      (12x20x2,12x28x2, 12x32inch)

size 3: 10x15cmx2pcs, 10x20cmx2pcs, 10x25cmx1pc

       (4x6x2, 4x8x2, 4x10inch)



We have 2 options for this painting-- With Framed, Or No Framed. Please choose one option when you buy. With Framed means the painting has been stretched on wood frame, ready to hang! No Framed means canvas only.


No franed / Un framed package

Shipping Info:
- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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