Military Battle Tank Building Blocks

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Go to battle and beyond with the Military Battle Tank Building Blocks! Make sure you're ready for anything - this military-grade building set will help you build your dream tank, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Ready, aim, build!

Military Battle Tank Building Blocks
Type:Compatible with lego weapons
Block Size:Small building block(Compatible with Lego)
Model Number:Main Battle Tank Military Series
Warning:Do not eat!Away from fire
Plastic Type:ABS
Plastic Block Shape:Self-Locking Bricks
Compatible with:Main Battle Tank Military Weapon
Material:Environmental-friendly Material

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889PCS Leclerc Main Battle Tank(4 Minifigures)


806PCS Type 10 Main battle Tank(4 minifigures)
898PCS Leopard 2A7+ Main Battle Tank(4 minifigures)
904PCS FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank(4 minifigures)




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