Protective Full Face Goggles Motorcycle Mask Riding

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A protective mask can be used with a helmet

The mask uses TPR material. High-strength, impact-resistant, unsealed vents with comfortable fit.

The mask is high-strength and impact-resistant, with vent holes that are not sealed and comfortable
The mask is designed with vents, which is not sealed and fits comfortably.
The mask is lightweight design, lightweight and comfortable to wear on the head without feeling the weight, no odor and impact resistance.
Anti-fog lens, clear vision, wear resistance, protects the lens from scratches, stain resistance, free movement, and reduces the adhesion of dirt on the fingers.
The elastic band adjusts the head shape of the user, no matter how strenuous the exercise, as long as it is worn correctly, the product and the head will not move.
Easy to install. The tightness can be adjusted according to the face shape to ensure the air tightness of the mask. The mask is fixed and worn by the helmet goggles buckle. It is simple and convenient to disassemble. The head-wearing accessories can be used alone.


Product color: black/green/Khaki
Product quality: TPR raw material
Product R inch: 18*18.2cm
Product weight: about 281g/piece
Product packaging: bagged
Product configuration: one mask body
Applicable scenes: riding equipment, real cs, military fan collection, film and television props,

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- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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