Red Swords Japanese Samurai Katana

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BlADE: The blade of this sword is hand forged and polished with 12 procedures.The steel we use is not the normal steel with the truck or cars or other life electrics,the steel use for the blade contents much more carbon and the purity can not be comparable.  

This is the folded steel blade which has been folded 11 times, to create 2048 layers. The best-known part of the manufacturing process is the folding of the steel, where the swords are made by repeatedly heating, hammering and folding the metal. That controls the carbon of the steel in a suitable range. 

TSUBA(plate): Alloy Dragon; the tsuba is used to protect your hand from sliding onto the blade during thrusts.

HABAKI(blade collar): is a one piece brass construction. The main point of the habaki is to make the saya tight to the blade,so it is normal if there is scratch on.

SEPPAS(spacer): Two Seppas secure the Tsuba( if the tsuba is not so tight after a long time,you can disassemble the sword and put more seppas there.

MENUKI: Alloy; there are 2 menuki ornamented on the handle,one on each side.

HANDLE: wide on the 2 ends,thin in the middle; hardwood wrapped with genuine rayskin(samegawa), synthetic silk ito,ornamented with menuki(one on each side), Fuchi&Kashira on the two ends of the handle.

SAGEO: used to tie the sword on your waist as a belt in the old time,but now we usually tie on the saya as shown on the pictures.

SAYA(scabbard): The saya (sheath) of the sword is made of hardwood, tied with Sageo on the Kurigaga (knob) of the scabbard.

BO-Hi: Bo-hi has been added to the blade in order to lighten it and provide audible feedback when swung. it is called Blood-Groove sometimes.

Overall Length     103cm/40.6"         

Blade Material       Folded Steel, electroplated to be red

Blade Length        70cm / 27.5"       

Tsuba                      Alloy DragonTsuba

Handle Length      26cm/10.24"          

Habaki&Seppa      Brass

Blade Width          3.2cm/1.26"         

Fuchi&Kashira       Alloy

Blade Thickness   0.7cm/0.28"            

Menuki                   Alloy

Tang                       Full tang                 

Ito                           Black Synthetic Silk

Craft                       Handmade             

 Sageo                    Black Synthetic Silk

Weight(appro)         1300g


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