Traditional Handmade Iron Woks Uncoating

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The iron wok will provide a consistent cooking temperature based on the unique shape of the wok. Heat retention is a premium feature, 

Iron pan is a traditional cooking tool. Nowadays, non-stick pans are popular today. Iron pan still relies on its unique advantages to occupy a considerable market. Especially in the back kitchen of restaurants, one-bite iron pan is "standard." Iron pans look rougher than non-stick pans. In fact, they are more "exquisite" to use than non-stick pans. A good iron pan can be used properly and well maintained. To the extent that the iron pans that have been used in restaurants for many years are all "babies" (Perfect Wok)for cooking.

Heat evenly, physical property is not easy to stick pot Hand boiler is different from machine pressure boiler. The hand boiler is forged slowly, not stretched strongly, so it is heated evenly, not easy to paste the pot. If it is maintained, it is easy to cultivate natural physical non stick pot


Same Same blue one is Seasoned by a high-temperature gun you can also season it yourself,   

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High-Quality Iron Wok

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