Underwater Fishing Camera 10 Inch

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While fishing is a pastime where both skilled knowledge and chance play equal roles - nowadays technology can now help us improve our opportunities to make a catch. Enter the underwater fishing camera, providing the keen angler with a visual representation of what’s otherwise hidden and happening beneath the surface. In short, these all-seeing devices can help reveal what would otherwise be extremely difficult if not impossible to ascertain from the riverbank.



This product you are watching now is the latest popular, fashional, good looking and convenient Underwater Video Camera System. It not only has a large and color screen, but also has a height definition camera which has HD 1000 TV lines. 15pcs white LEDs, 15pcs infrared lamps, high-intensity.4 different LED status: White LED on、IR LED on、all LED on、all LED off,also can adjust the LED brightness to obtain more better quality image

Application field: monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, Ocean/Ice/Lake fishing swimming/diving/snorkeling are all available.

F003A-2L-30M (14)

1.10 inch TFT color monitor with sun-visor for bright environment outside
2. Clear images displaying with HD 1000TVL megapixels fishing camera.
3. Waterproof, Aluminum alloy 90 Degrees fish model design
4. Cold-resistant, waterproof and pull-resistant cables
5. The available camera extension cable length: 15M 30m 50M
6. 15pcs white LEDs, 15pcs infrared lamps, high-intensity.
7. The continuous using time of the battery is up to 8 hours, Battery status.
8. 4 different LED status: White LED on、IR LED on、all LED on、all LED off, also can adjust the LED brightness to obtain more better quality image
Display Size: 10 inch
Display Resolution: 1204*600
Monitor Input Voltage: 12V DC
Image Sensor: CMOS Sensor
IP68 Waterproof
Viewing Angle: 90Degrees
Visible distance ( clear water ): 1-3m
Night Vision: 15pcs white LEDs, and 15pcs infrared lamps.
Camera: 1000TVL/Aluminum alloy
Battery: 4500AH
PowerBox: Battery status
The continued using time of the battery: about 8 hours
Camera Size:Diameter 38.5*90mm
Aluminum Box Size:(264*189*110MM)
Package Contents:
1* Case And Monitor
1* Camera And Cable
1* Battery (Power Control Box)
1* Charger
1* Float
1* Sun Visor
1* Accessories
1* Cover
1* Bandage
1* Manual   

F004A-2L-30M (2)F004A-2L-30M (13)

F004A-2L-50M (2)F004A-2L-50M (3)F004A-2L-50M (6)F004A-2L-50M (9)

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