F12 Hud OBD2 Multi Function Meter

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Be sure to take your ride to the next level with our F12 Hud OBD2 Multi-Function Meter! This enhanced device features an easy-to-read digital display and provides you with real-time information about your vehicle's performance. Enjoy the convenience of streamlined diagnostics and troubleshooting – all in a single device! Go on, rev it up!


Size:156*16*83mm / 6.14*0.63*3.27inch
Material: ABS+PC
Color: Black
Screen Type: 4.5inch LCD Touch Screen
Power Supply: via Car OBD2 Socket
Setting Language: English/Chinese
Wire or Wireless: Wired
Cable Length: 2M


Compatible With:

For Honda Fit 2008-2023;
For Honda Accord 2008-2023;
For Honda City 2008-2023;
For Honda CRIDER 2013-2023;
For Honda Civic 2008-2023;
For Honda Greiz 2016-2023;
For Honda CRV 2008-2023;
For Toyota RAV4 2009-2023;
For Toyota REIZ 2008-2023;
For Toyota VIOS 2008-2023;
For Toyota Yaris L 2013-2023;
For Toyota Highlander 2009-2023;
For Toyota LEVIN 1.6L 2014;
For Toyota COROLLA 2008-2023;
For Toyota COROLLA Fielder 2014;
For Toyota CROWN 2008-2023;
For Toyota Camry 2008-2023;
For Toyota Yaris 2008-2023;
For Toyota COROLLA EX 2008-2023;
For Toyota PRADO 2.7L 2014;
For Toyota Rush 2021;
For Toyota Rush TRD Sportivo 2015;
For Toyota Innova Reborn 2015-2023;
For Toyota Passo 2015-2023;
For Toyota Etios xls 2015-2023;
For Toyota Fortuner 2008-2023;
For Toyota Spade 2008-2023;
For Kia Sportage 2008-2023;
For Kia Rio 2008-2023;
For Kia K2 2011-2023;
For Kia K3 2015-2023;
For Kia K4 2015-2023;
For Kia Forte 2009-2023;
For Kia Cerato 2008-2023;
For Kia Maxima 2008-2023;
For Hyundai TUCSON 2009-2013;
For Hyundai Rohens-Coupe 2009-2012;
For Hyundai ELANTRA 2008;
For Hyundai ELANTRA 1.6L 2009 Manual;
For Hyundai ELANTRA 2011;
For Hyundai IS350 2011;
For Hyundai Celesta 2009-2014;
For Hyundai IX35 2011-2014;
For Hyundai I30 2008-2023;
For Hyundai SONATA 2011-2014;
For Hyundai Accent 2008-2009;
For Hyundai Verna 2008-2014;
For Peugeot 206 2008-2008;
For Peugeot 207 2008-2023;
For Peugeot 208 2008-2023;
For Peugeot 307 2008-2023;
For Peugeot 301 2015-2023;
For Peugeot 3008 2013-2023;
For Peugeot 308 2009-2023;
For Peugeot 408 2015-2023;
For Mitsubishi PAJERO 2011-2023;
For Mitsubishi Pajero TR4 2010-2023;
For Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2008-2023;
For Mitsubishi ASX 2011-2023;
For Mitsubishi GALANT 2013-2023;
For Mitsubishi EX 2010-2023;
For Mitsubishi Lancer 2008-2023;
For Skoda Octavia 2009-2011;
For Skoda Superb 2013;
For Skoda Fabia 2008-2012;
For VW LAVIDA 2008-2023;
For VW Polo 1.4L 2008 Manual;
For VW Polo 1.6L 2009 Manual;
For VW Polo 1.6L 2010 Automatic;
For VW Polo 1.4L 2012 Manual;
For VW Polo 2019;
For VW PASSAT 1.8L 2010 Automatic;
For VW SAGITAR 1.4T 2012 Automatic;
For VW SAGITAR 2013-2014 Automatic;
For VW SCIROCCO 1.4T 2014 Manual;
For VW JETTA 2019-2015;
For VW BORA 1.6L 2008 Manual;
For VW BORA 2L 2009 Manual;
For VW BORA 1.4L 2011 Manual;
For VW Golf 1.4T 2014 Automatic;
For VW Tiguan 2010-2013;
For Audi A4L 2012-2023;
For Audi A4 2010-2023;
For Audi A5 2012-2023;
For Audi A6L 2012-2023;
For Audi A7 2012;
For Audi Q5 2013-2023;
For Audi S5 3.0T 2016;
For Chevrolet Cruze 2009-2023;
For Chevrolet Captiva 2009-2023;
For Chevrolet AVEO 2008-2012;
For Chevrolet C3 2015-2023;
For Chevrolet Cobalt 2008-2023;
For Chevrolet Spin 2008-2023;
For Chevrolet Onix 2008-2023;
For Chevrolet Aircross 2008-2023;
For Ford SMAX 2008-2023;
For Ford Ecosport 2009-2023;
For Ford Kuga 2013-2023;
For Ford Fiesta 2008-2023;
For Ford Ka 2008-2023;
For Ford Fusion 2011-2023;
For Ford Escape 2008-2023;
For Ford Focus 2008-2023;
For Ford Mustang 2015-2023;
For Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2016;
For Ford Mercury 2009;
For Ford EDGE 2008-2023;
For Ford Escort 2015-2023;
For Nissan Qashqai 2008-2023;
For Nissan Tiida 2008-2009;
For Nissan SYLPHY 2011-2015;
For Nissan Geniss 2010;
For Nissan LIVINA 2008-2023;
For Nissan Teana 2010-2023;
For Nissan SUNNY 2012-2023;
For Nissan NV200 2011-2012;
For Nissan Succe 2009-2011;
For Nissan X-Trail 2011-2023;
For Nissan Juke 2008-2023;
For Nissan Kicks 2008-2023;
For Mazda 8 2012-2023;
For Mazda 6 2008-2023;
For Mazda 5 2008-2023;
For Mazda 3 2008-2008;
For Mazda 3 1.6L 2010 Automatic/Manual;
For Mazda 3 2012-2023;
For Mazda 2 2008-2009;
For Mazda CX-5 2013;
For Mazda CX-5 2L 2014 Automatic&Manual;
For Benz Smart 2011-2023;
For Jeep Liberty 2010-2023;
For Jeep Compass 2L 2011;
For Jeep Wrangler 2015-2023;
For Infiniti Q30 2016;
For JAGUAR XE 2016;
For Fiat Ottimo 1.4T 2014;
For Fiat Ducado 2020;
For Fiat Bravo 2011;
For Fiat Dobló 1.8 Adventure 2015;
For JAGUAR XE 2.0T 2016 Manual&Automatic;
For DAIHATSU XENIA 1.5 2011;
For Subaru Impreza 2008-2023;
For Subaru Forester 2008-2023;
For Subaru XV 2008-2023;
For Haval H2 2009-2023;
For Haval H6 2008-2012;
For Haval H3 2010;
For Haval H5 2008;
For Haval H5 2011-2012;
For Haval H5 2.0T 2013;


Incompatible With:

1. All Cars before 2007.------No
2. All Hybrid Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Pickup Trucks, Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles,etc.-----No
3. All VW PASSAT/Fox/Gol, Skoda Kodiaq, Nissan Patrol/GTR, Nissan Altima 2.5L 2017, Kia Morning/Venga, Chevrolet Optra, GMC Sierra, Mazda Roadster 2023, Peugeot Diesel, Mini F56, Mini Cooper S, Sprinter 515, Ford F150, Toyota Hilux, Suzuki, BYD,Chrysler, Ssangyong, Renault, Fiat, IRAN KHODRO, Gaz, LADA, KAMAZ, AvtoVAZ.------No



As for the other car model, please ask customer service before placing an order. and Please send us your Car Model/ Year of Production/ Engine Capacity/ Engine Type(Gasoline/ Diesel/ Hybrid).


1. OBD Mode:
Display Function: Speed, Voltage, Water Temperature, Engine RPM, Oil Temperature, Driving Distance, Driving Time, Fuel Consumption, Average Fuel Consumption, Turbo Pressure(some cars will not display), Engine Load.
Please Noted:
Some cars will not display Turbo Pressure, since not every car has this data when produced.
If you mind that, please do not place an order.
2. GPS Mode:
Display Function: Speed, Driving Direction, Driving Time, Altitude, Time, Driving Distance, Date, Week
3. Slope Meter Mode:
Display Function: Roll Angle, Pitch Angle.
Alarm Function:
Overspeed Alarm, Water Temperature Alarm, Voltage Alarm, Fatigue Driving Reminder, Vehicle Failure Reminder.


Packing list:

1 x HUD
1 x 2M OBD Cable
1 x Anti Slip Mat
1 x English Manual



1. Can't work normally?

The first-time installation requires reading the vehicle protocol and will take 3 minutes, please wait patiently:
--Put the vehicle in "P" or "N" gear, pull up the handbrake, and start the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is in an idle state;
--Connect the hud to your car obd2 socket;
--Turn on the power switch of the hud, and the system will automatically scan the vehicle data, it takes about 3 minutes, so please wait patiently;
--When the screen displays the water temperature and fuel consumption of the vehicle, the initialization is complete, and it can be used normally.

2 No display on the screen, no power?

Check whether the OBD cable is loosely connected, try to connect it several times. If it still does not work, please change to another car to test, and analyze whether the OBD interface of the car is broken. If the OBD interface is broken, please repair the OBD interface and then connect the machine again.

3. Unable to shut down or automatically start and stop with the car?

Enter system setting mode, find “shutdown mode”
--01. Intelligence: The system automatically monitors and shuts
--02. ECU communication failure: It is recommended to select
this option for gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles and vehicles with
automatic start-stop functions;
--03. Battery voltage is low: judge the battery voltage is lower
than the set value and shut down, the default is 13.2;
--04. Countdown time: You can adjust the shutdown time after
the vehicle is turned off, the default is 15 seconds (this item is
only for when the machine uses GPS data).

Shipping Info:
- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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