Fishing Lines Counter Length Gauge Meter

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Stop guesstimating and get accurate line lengths with this awesome Fishing Lines Counter Length Gauge Meter! Measure your line in yards/meters with this meter's impressive precision (no more "fishing" for the right number). Stop the reel-and-release and get the exact line lengths you need with this fishing buddy!

·Impact-Impact-resistant nylon ABS housing for protection against saltwater
·Large three-digit depth reading in meters
·Indication in Tm steps down to 999m
·Strong line runner 
·Comfortable rod attachment system - can be attached to the rod in seconds

Product Description

After a special process, it can maintain a strong and stable fixing force.
It can be applied to different fishing rod types, the operation is simpler, and the fishing is easier.
Using mechanical measurement, high accuracy, take-up, and pay-off can measure readings


Directions for use


1. First clamp the counter on the fishing rod, the display frame is perpendicular to the plane.

2. Then put the fishing line on the reel in a clockwise direction, and then you can start the line of defense after returning to zero.

3. At this time, the value appearing in the display box is equal to the length of the pay-off line, and its large surface is 999 meters, which is mainly used for ocean fishing and depth measurement.

   Shipping Info:
- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days

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