Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Kanong Pink Gold

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Take your Muay Thai training to the next level with these Kanong Pink Gold boxing gloves! Combining style and superior protection, these gloves let you focus on your technique for beautiful form AND fantastic fun! Ready to level up? Put on these Pink Gold gloves and you're ready to go!

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves "Kanong"
Made of semi-leather 

High quality, durable, suitable for anyone who is practicing Muay Thai.

Made in Thailand.   Origin of Muay Thai

Semi leather is an alternative quality mitten as well as genuine leather but cheaper and does not require raw materials from living things. Production and quality control by craftsmen in Thailand

High-quality mittens are important for punching and training. Because it helps to prevent potential harm to the hands and wrists during training or punching.


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