Pair elephant Wood Carving

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"Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with this charming Pair of elephant Wood Carvings. Handcrafted with intricate details, these playful pieces will bring a smile to your face (and visitors) every time you see them. Perfect for elephant lovers or anyone who wants to add a unique touch to their space. (Get your trunks on them now!)"

Elephant wood carving is a form of art where artisans use wood as the primary material to create sculptures or carvings featuring elephants. This type of craftsmanship can be found in various cultures and regions where elephants hold cultural, religious, or symbolic significance. Elephant wood carvings can be decorative items, statues, or functional objects, and they often showcase the skill and creativity of the artisan.

Here are some key features and points related to elephant wood carvings:

1. **Symbolism:** Elephants are often symbolic of strength, wisdom, loyalty, and good luck in many cultures. Elephant wood carvings may be created to convey these positive attributes.

2. **Artistic Expression:** Skilled artisans carve intricate details into the wood, capturing the anatomy and features of elephants. The level of detail can vary, ranging from realistic depictions to more abstract or stylized representations.

3. **Functional Items:** Elephant wood carvings can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. They may be crafted into items such as decorative sculptures, furniture pieces, wall hangings, or even functional objects like utensils or boxes.

4. **Different Wood Types:** Various types of wood may be used for these carvings, depending on the artisan's preference and the intended use of the final product. Common woods include teak, mahogany, or other hardwoods known for their durability and workability.

5. **Cultural Significance:** In some cultures, elephant wood carvings may have specific cultural or religious significance. For example, in parts of Africa and Asia, elephants are revered animals, and wood carvings may be created for rituals, ceremonies, or as offerings.

6. **Artisan Communities:** Many regions around the world have communities of skilled artisans specializing in wood carving, and elephants are a popular subject due to their cultural importance.

When looking for elephant wood carvings, you may find a variety of styles and designs, from traditional to contemporary interpretations. Whether as a decorative piece, a gift, or a symbol of cultural appreciation, elephant wood carvings are cherished for their craftsmanship and the meaningful symbolism associated with these majestic animals.

***Size measured from the elephant's height from feet to head**

Size: 6,8,10,12,15 inches
Color - Oak, spray painted black

Carved from Chamchuri wood (Rain Tree)

**Because the product is handmade. The product you receive may have slightly different details such as the color of the wood and size **

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- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days. 


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