Reborn toddler baby girl doll

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Reborn dolls are manufactured dolls that are transformed by reborn artists to resemble a baby with as much realism as possible.  
We have our own sculptors and designers, all our dolls are made from Original mold. You will find out that our dolls are much more vivid & lifelike &higher quality.

Doll size :24inches,60CM
Weight:  Doll Net weight is around 1.4KG,  3LBS
Material and structure:  head and 3/4 limbs are made of high-quality silicone vinyl, very soft touch, and realistic, flexible. the doll's body is stuffed with a PP cotton cloth body, the doll can not have a bath or shower.
You can take off the clothes to wash the dress, for the doll body, you can also clean it by hand-washing, just make sure to dry it completely.
The doll is totally poseable, head and limbs can be moved around freely.
Eyes: high quality clear acrylic eyes, the eyes can not blink
Hair:hand-applied High-Temperature Synthetic wig hair, very soft touch, the hair can be permed or straightened with a hair iron, just make sure the temperature is within 120° Centigrade.
Clothing: dress will be exactly the same as the picture.    you can changes clothes for the doll by yourself,  6-9M real baby size clothes fit the doll

Shipping Info:
- Estimated Delivery Time: US 15-25 Days; Worldwide 15-30 Days.

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